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Some of Our Work:

Let US build Your Brand and Generate LEADS, So That YOU Can FOCUS ON SELLING Homes.

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Who We Are

We're a small team, ruthlessly efficient, and ridiculously good at getting ROI for our clients.

Eon Gregory

Our Team Has Profitably Created and Designed Websites & Marketing Solutions For Real Estate Professionals.

  • 1. Generated Hundreds of Thousands of Followers and LEADS for Clients.
  • 2. Built Many Lead Generating Websites.
  • 3. WE Will Improve Your Brand!

We Take The Entire Process of Building Websites, Branding and Marketing OFF YOUR Hands!

What We Do

Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Web Design, Agent Recruiting

For Brokerages, Realtors, Communities, and Corporations.

In an ever changing digital world, keeping up with what's new, and what's working, is a greater challenge now than ever. What you can expect can be explained simply as follows: You will be the person someone thinks of, when deciding to buy or sell real estate.

Our Primary Channels of Distribution:

Front End Paid Media Acquisition Strategies

  • 👉 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube)
  • 👉 Social (Facebook, Instagram)
  • 👉 Solo Ads
  • 👉 Influencers
  • 👉 Sales Funnels
  • 👉 Chat Bots

Back End Paid Media Acquisition Strategies

  • 👉 Email Funnels
  • 👉 Retargeting
  • 👉 Tiered Retargeting

Website Design:

  • 👉 Lead Generating
  • 👉 MLS Listings


  • 👉 We FILL brokerages with fresh talent.

Experimenting with the new cool thing on the block can turn out to be pricey without proper execution... and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of what's truly working in the market just isn't feasible on top of all the responsibilities already on your plate.

It's not enough to know what platforms are the best anymore. Now you also need a deep understanding of how the consumer interacts with each of these platforms and what their journey crossing from one platform to the other looks like.

It's not enough to know what platforms are the best anymore. Now you also need a deep understanding of how the consumer interacts with each of these platforms and what their journey crossing from one platform to the other looks like.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation call with Eon, and get clarity and results on a specific area of your business, and explore what combination of these platforms will prove to be the most profitable fit for you businesses initiatives.


Lead Generation and Personal Brand Improvement GUARANTEED

Lets Crush 2020!

By working with us, you will become the go-to person in your real estate niche!

When it comes time to finally pick a marketing company, there is always one question left up to chance. "Will I make my money back, let alone a return on my investment?"

We understand, we aren't all Coca Cola or Amazon with millions of dollars a year to spend on marketing. So when you do decide to trust a marketing agency with your investment, you deserve the up most detail in the transparency behind your campaign.

We'll show you what you actually care about...

Am I generating Leads? Am I becoming reputable real estate professional online?


Lead Generation and Personal Brand Improvement GUARANTEED

Brand Building

For Founders, Agency Execs, Marketing Directors, and Business Owners Alike

Build a visually established brand, and let your brand assist in building your business.

Social Branding Platforms we Optimize, Manage, and Scale

  • 👉 Facebook
  • 👉 Instagram
  • 👉 Influencers

Credibility on the social platforms where your potential clients spend their free time HAS BECOME the modern day first impression.

A visibly established brand gives the impression of experience, timely quality, and instantaneous trust. This way, when it comes time to make a decision to decide on someone that offers what you do, there is no decision.

An effective brand strategy has the potential to significantly speed up your consumers buying cycle and increase conversion by an astounding 300% on their initial visit to your web pages.


Lead Generation and Personal Brand Improvement GUARANTEED

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